A very interesting letter dated December 2, 1933: (translation)

The District President
of Segeberg County

Bad Segeberg, City Hall, Hamburger Straße 30

Date of Receipt

the National Association for Inward
Mission (=Deaconry)
Department concentration camp Kuhlen
Neumünster District.

(reference nr.)(file number)

Ref. 7,2 - 12/2/1933 -


Your letter of 28. last month to the mayor as head of the local police department of Bad Segeberg, referring to the payment of the amount invoiced for prisoners in protective custody (the term was generally used for concentration camp inmates) for the months September and October totaling 145.80 RM, has been forwarded to me. Hereupon I inform you that the invoice of 71.55 RM for September has not been ordered to be paid. This referred to the prisoners (blackened) and (blackened) from Bad Segeberg. The amount has already been invoiced with the letter to the District President. In this case the amount thus has been invoiced twice.

From here I cannot ascertain if the amount of 74.25 RM for October has been paid, because all the records are in Schleswig. To investigate in this case the name of the prisoners in question will be required, as well as the total amount of the invoice for the month October.

by proxy signed



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