The Nazi Holocaust of Europe

We have seen the background to the Holocaust and how it has been ongoing for two thousand years and much more.

In this section we will now examine what can be termed the greatest crime of human history.

Contrary to popular belief The Nazi Holocaust was not an aberration of a madman named Adolf Hitler in the middle of the twentieth century. Hitler was a product of his time. He had been brought up in the Trinitarian Faith. His stated aim was to make the Roman Catholic and the Lutheran Churches the two pillars of the European Nationalist Socialist State. The swastika was an emblem taken from the walls of the church where he was a choir boy.   

Some writers have alleged he was a Lutheran and that the swastika came from the walls of the church where he attended as a boy.  The general opinion from interviews of his compatriots was that he was a Roman Catholic with a Roman Catholic father who was rather indifferent to the faith and a Roman Catholic mother who took the faith seriously. He attended a Benedictine School run by the Benedictine Monastery across the road and he attained there and had services there on Sundays. The Swastika was reportedly part of the coat of arms of the monastery and he adopted that in later years. He remained a Roman Catholic although his compatriots left under sometimes acrimonious circumstances. He held the view however that Rome should have maintained the religion of the Ancient Roman Empire and rid itself of the so-called “weak Christian elements” of the faith.  How much of the data is a later rewrite of what he believed is another matter. There is no doubt however, he used the two churches as the pillars of his social engineering and no doubt whatsoever that they participated in the exterminations.

The system the Nazis established was sanctioned and assisted by the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches at the highest levels up to and including the papacy. Bishops who had worked on the system were made popes, in spite of, or perhaps because of,  their involvement. They aided and abetted war crimes having priests and monks and nuns commit the most horrendous crimes themselves and aid and abet the escape from justice and the relocation of Nazi war criminals through rat lines to countries all over the world. 

What was set in train was a system of murder on such a scale that it makes anything before it pale into insignificance. It was the first time in human history nations had established camps solely for the extermination of children and these camps were allegedly staffed by Roman Catholic nuns. 

What is revealed in the pages of the site will cause a sense of horror in the mind of any reasonable sane person with any sense of justice.

That these people did this in the name of God is unbelievable. 

The site is organised along the following lines.

Church Involvement in the Holocaust

Euthanasia in Trinitarian Europe

Categories of Prisoners

The Camp System by Nations 

National Involvement.

Demographics of Europe as a Result of the Holocaust

The Soviet Legacy to the Death of Stalin

Summary of the Holocaust, Denials and Historical Revisionism 



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