The initial attack of the home of the Branch Davidians on February 28, 1993, and the ensuing siege and assault of April 19, 1993 were serious violations of State, Federal, and International Law. These attacks have far reaching implications and were in violation of the rights of the citizens of the state, nation, and humanity in general. The fact that all of these laws were broken will be shown. The Fact that the public was lied to will be shown and the public opinion as a result. The lies and cover up began from the beginning and continue to this day. The fact that the US government was unable or unwilling or willingly ignorant and did not "call off the dogs" resulted in the deaths of almost 100 people, including the 26 children they wished to "save". The decision for the final attack went to the very top of the U. S. government and was condoned and covered up. Who is next and for what reason?

This section of the Forum is devoted to revealing what really happened and why in this apparent systematic murder of men, women, and children. The murder of a group of people that had been a part of the Waco community for 60 years. The events that lead to the initial attack, the days and conversations on both sides in between, the final assault, the injustices of the judicial system after it was "over", and what has been done since to insure that it will never happen again. The ATF, FBI, US military, and the government, at it's highest levels, have many questions to answer. The Constitution of the US forbids such actions and common law and common sense forbid such actions. Let us take an honest and objective look at what really happened in Waco, Tx, prior to February 28, 1993, what happened on that date and the ensuing days leading up to the 19th of April, 1993, and what has happened since.


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