Holocaust Is Now Finally Revealed

Holocaust as it is called, or the great persecution is as old as the modern human race. It commenced at the Garden of Eden with the intervention of Satan.holocaust

Hello, and welcome to our website. We think you will be very surprised to finally learn the truth about this terrible persecution.

Satan or Iblis demurred at the creation of modern man within God's Laws and attempted to destroy mankind, and, along with it, the plan of God. From the Garden of Eden a new and false religion was created.

This false religion was to enslave the world and was to be used as the instrument of the destruction of mankind and particularly the people of God.

A constant attack has been made on the Patriarchs and Prophets over the course of human history. Ultimately God destroyed the first elements of the creation with the flood because it had been so corrupted by the fallen Host under the demons.

After the flood God was to select a man, Abraham and God was to establish His covenant with that man and his seed forever.

The seed was established both through Ishmael who are the modern Arab nation and the nations of today that comprise the people of Israel who are the holders of the birthright promises and core responsibilities of the Covenant of God and also the sons of Keturah who will be identified in the texts as well.

Satan did all he could to destroy that group of people and particularly the people of the central covenant namely the nation of Israel. This people were to be attacked and they were almost annihilated many times over the course of history.

You are invited to come on in and learn the suppressed truth about this horrible persecution.

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