"The only thing new in this world is the history you don't know." -Harry S. Truman

The Beginning and the Flood

The Story of the Holocaust is as old as the modern human race. It commenced at the Garden of Eden with the intervention of Satan or Iblis who demurred at the creation of modern man within God's Laws and attempted to destroy mankind, and, along with it, the Plan of God. From the Garden of Eden a new and false religion was created. This false religion was to enslave the world and was to be used as the instrument of the destruction of mankind and particularly the people of God. A constant attack has been made on the Patriarchs and Prophets over the course of human history. Ultimately God destroyed the first elements of the creation with the flood because it had been so corrupted by the fallen Host under the demons.

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The Religion of Satan was to encompass the entire world as Mysticism. Chapter 1 of that work gives an overview of how it spread from Babylon after the flood.

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Abraham Father of Nations

After the flood God was to select a man Abraham and God was to establish His covenant with that man and his seed forever. The seed was established both through Ishmael who are the modern Arab nation and the nations of today that comprise the people of Israel who are the holders of the birthright promises and core responsibilities of the Covenant of God and also the sons of Keturah who will be identified in the linked texts as well. Satan did all he could to destroy that group of people and particularly the people of the central covenant namely the nation of Israel. This people were to be attacked and they were almost annihilated many times over the course of history. They were attacked under Moses and in the desert but God established a special relationship with that people in the Wilderness.

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God established Israel as His special people and gave them his law, The Law of God.

God allowed them to suffer persecution when they did not follow His laws. They suffered under the Judges

The major part of Israel who were the Northern Ten Tribes went into captivity first to the Assyrians and were placed north of the river Araxes in what was to become northern Mesopotamia and the southern Steppes near the Crimea and the Black sea. They remained there for centuries and later moved into Europe at the collapse of the Parthian Empire taking with them the original Monotheism of Israel. This was to lead to wars in Europe in an attempt to wipe out the system of God's religion established through Jesus Christ.

 Judah was allowed to remain for a while because of its repentance but later it too went into captivity to the Babylonians. Judah was restored under Ezra and Nehemiah so that Messiah could be born and established in Judah from Bethlehem Ephratah and called from Egypt as the Son of God. 

Finally, when the Church had been established through Messiah and the Spiritual Temple was commenced, Judah also was dispersed and the Physical Temple and the physical system at Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE. 

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Persecution of the Church and the Holocaust of Centuries

The timeline of the persecutions is divided into  a series of sections. These sections show the sequence of the persecution of the church and also the persecution of the tribes of Israel and later the inheritance of their birthright as part of the promises given to Abraham.

Persecution of the Early Church

The early Church was persecuted initially by the Jews as their own people and from Jerusalem. However the Jews themselves were to suffer persecution from the world as well because other nations were to join Judah and become converted to Judaism even in its later and corrupt form. 

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The Quartodeciman and Unitarian/Trinitarian Disputes

The first attacks on God's people came almost immediately from the god of this world and based from Rome.

The Early Doctrines of the Church were all Unitarian. The original doctrines of the church are well known. Justin Martyr writing from Rome in the middle of the second century in his letter to the emperor on behalf of the Church at Rome showed quite clearly that the original church was Unitarian. They believed that Christ was the Great Angel of the OT that gave the Law to Moses at Sinai (Justin Martyr First Apology, Ch. LXIII). The church believed that all of the elect were to become Elohim or theoi; or in other words they were to become God's as gods or elohim and that the one true God Eloah was to live in all men as Elohim.  It was for this reason that Satan was dedicated to wiping out the church and ultimately mankind entirely. The early Church taught that the demons mislead men with false religions and that system indeed became the cause of the deception of the whole world.

At the end of the second century the false calendar was introduced by the Roman Church and split Christianity. These disputes were called the Quartodeciman Disputes and were based on the false and heathen theology of Christmas and Easter which was introduced through  the worship of the Mystery cults and the worship of Attis in Rome and Adonis among the Greeks and of Isis and Osiris among the Egyptians. The system was also based on The Golden Calf which Israel had abandoned in the Wilderness after the Exodus. 

At first the persecutions were external to the church and Satan tried to destroy it using the pagan Roman system. Then when the church became established it was attacked from within using the same pagan doctrines that appealed so much to the masses.

The timeline of the early persecutions reveals the process.

Timeline of the Early Church

Extermination of the Family of Christ

The Family of Jesus Christ was subjected to an intense persecution and systematic extermination by the newly formed and recognised Roman Catholic Church after the Edict of Toleration by Constantine in 314 and the conference of the desposyni in Rome of 318. Read their story here. The Virgin Mariam and the Family of Jesus Christ

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The 1260 years of the Woman in the Wilderness

Once the false system was established from Rome Satan then set about using the power of the system in Europe to eliminate the church of God which was spiritual Israel. This system could be identified by its adherence to Gods laws and God's Calendar. It had spread around the world fairly quickly and so it had to be attacked and eliminated. These attacks and persecutions came to be known as the Inquisitions and their details are in the section covering the Inquisitions over the period.

The Inquisitions are known by various names and so we will deal with them under the various terms and regional problems by which they are commonly referred.

The Sabbatarians and Paulicians

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The Albigensian/Waldensian Crusades

The Albigensian and Waldensian Crusades


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The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition

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The Reformation

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The Post Reformation Sabbatarians 

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The Inquisitions of the Papal States

The Inquisition and Catholic Power

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The End of the Holy Roman Empire

At the end of the 1260 years when the church had been persecuted and had fled to the wilderness and been hidden by the earth and saved from this false religious system the system itself as God had prophesied was brought to an end by the beast itself. The Holy Roman Empire was brought to an end but the final Holocaust was not yet upon the church. Before we examine the final Holocaust we should document also the persecution of the Jewish people who are part of Israel and also those peoples that are not Jews by lineage but were converted to Judaism such as the Ashkenazi people of the Khazars in 740 CE. These people also have suffered massive persecution.

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The Jewish Persecutions

Timetable of the Jewish Persecutions

Maps of the Jewish Persecutions

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The Persecutions  of the Americas

The persecutions also followed the faith to America.

North America

The Pilgrim Fathers were persecuted as soon as they had founded the colony by the false Christian religions that followed them there.

South America

The persecutions and Holocaust in South America were much worse.

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Imperial Russia and Orthodox Persecution

From 1441 to 1905 the Orthodox Church in Russia and its adjacent areas ruthlessly persecuted religious dissent and attempted to exterminate all Sabbatarians within their sphere of influence. The later Communist purges might be argued to be, based on the history of the system, an operation of the parable of the sheeps and the goats and a just punishment of God. The Orthodox may well have had 50 million people killed because they had themselves so ruthlessly persecuted those Bible believing Christians who obeyed God's Laws. This persecution lasted over many centuries from 1441 to 1905. Their attacks on the Khazar Empire of the Ashkenazi Jews is covered in the section covering the Jewish Persecutions.


The Great Holocaust of the Fifth Seal in the Twentieth Century

The Church in the Holocaust

The two churches in Germany, and especially the Lutheran, were instrumental in the rise of the National Socialists.

From the Reformation under Luther in Europe, the head of the state, going over to Lutheranism, became also the head of the church in that state. This was the case also for the Anglican Church in England. Luther and the resulting Lutheran church endorsed this, and they became strongly monarchistic. This was also the case for the Protestant Movement and the Dutch Reformed Church in the Netherlands. There was therefore in Germany strong support for the head of the state and the Kaiser. During WWI the Kaiser abdicated and the Weimar Republic succeeded the monarchy. The churches were very much afraid of losing people and power to republicans, and especially the Bolshevists. This was felt especially in Rome from Pius IX (see the section Last Inquisition in the Papal States). Therefore the Churches were looking for political parties that were against democracy and strongly opposite of left and the Nazis fulfilled that purpose.

The Nazis were very clever in playing with the sentiments of the church leaders, and the Nazi program was endorsed by the churches, despite their propaganda, before the Nazis were in power. It is remarkable, that the two churches Roman Catholic and Lutheran were so much in cooperation in this all. There is no doubt that the Nazis were aided and abetted by the Lutheran and Roman Catholic Church in both euthanasia and genocide.

There remains one question to be answered: Did National Socialism and the Nazi system originate from the church or was it an independent movement?

We will see that it appears to be the natural progression of the Church system and its vehement opposition to the Laws of God as expressed in the Bible from the Pentateuch.

Editor in Chief


The Holocaust started before the 20th century began but in Africa it was early in the century and many thousands of Sabbatarian blacks were killed by the Trinitarian Church in Africa.

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Ottoman Persecutions

Ukrainian and Orthodox Persecutions


The Middle East

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The Holocaust in Kosovo

The Nazi System of Europe

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The Soviet Holocaust

The Ukrainian and Orthodox Holocaust

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The Holocaust in China

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The Holocaust in India

The Waco Texas Holocaust

The Last Days

Global Criminal Court

The Final Conflict

World War III

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