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Cemetery at Hadamar where victims of “euthanasia” at the Hadamar “euthanasia” killing center were buried. This photograph was taken toward the end of the war. Hadamar, April 1945. Holocaust history has been marred with denial, lies and deception. The Christian Churches of God has done in-depth research to uncover the real truth and expose those involved.

The Great Holocaust
The Fifth Seal of Revelation

The Holocaust is an ongoing persecution of law abiding God fearing people by the religious systems of this world. Contrary to popular belief the Holocaust was not simply aimed at Jews but it certainly did exterminate millions of them as well as millions of other religious, ethnic and disadvantaged minority groups. The Persecution of the Original Christian Faith following the Bible and the Laws of God has been ongoing for 2000 years. This site is dedicated to publishing the truth concerning the Holocaust of History both against Jew and Christian. The Holocaust started with the death of John the Baptist in 28 CE and consumed Jesus Christ and most of the apostles and early leaders of the church. It was to culminate, in the twenty first century, in the most horrendous human carnage ever perpetrated against groups of people by so-called advanced civilization. Most of the barbarity was done by individuals for religious purposes to exterminate the non-Trinitarian Bible scholarship and followers from Europe as far as or beyond the Urals. We are dedicated to piecing the whole evil and sorry saga so that history will never forget what inhuman barbarity was perpetrated on the law abiding citizens of Europe, Asia and an uncaring world by the adherents of its major religious systems.


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