Church Involvement in the Holocaust?

The two churches in Germany, and especially the Lutheran, were instrumental in the rise of the National Socialists.

For many centuries the religion of the state was a representation of its national identity. This had come from ancient paganism and the fact that the collective reproductive system of the nation was seen as being represented by the deity. The Trinity itself derived from the Triune God in Rome that consisted of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva on the Capitoline. Jupiter originally was a large oak tree and not a statue. It represented the collective genii or male reproductive power of the Roman state. The Juno was representative of the collective junones or female reproductive power of the state. The Minerva was associated as the virgin female goddess as third element of the Triune system. This system had come from the middle east with the Romans and was the earliest system in the formation of the Roman state and had continued adopting pseudo-Christian forms becoming the religion of the Roman and Holy Roman Empires. For this reason also Paganism and the Christmas and Easter system was entrenched in Europe and continued strongly within the Nazi system and exists to this day.

Religion therefore was seen as an inherently political system. The heads of state represented the religion. Rejection of the Triune system was seen as a political act of treason against the head of state for centuries. 

The Waldensian system and the Unitarian model was making massive inroads into the Triune system in the first half of this millennium and so the Reformation was necessary, not to oppose the Roman Church but to protect the Triune system and its paganism against the original Christian  faith. Lutherans were formed out of the Waldensian system as we see from the history at the Reformation from Leontola's account as we see in the section on the Reformation.

Since the Protestant movement under Luther, the heads of the state, that went over to Lutheranism, became also the head of the church in that state. This was much like the situation with the the Anglican Church in England.

Luther and the resulting Lutheran church endorsed this, and they became strongly monarchistic.

This was also to act as the lead for prince Maurice in the Netherlands at the time of the Pilgrim Fathers.

There was therefore strong support for the head of the state. This was so for the Kaiser in Germany.

As a result of WWI the Kaiser abdicated and the Weimar republic was formed.

The Trinitarian churches in Europe were terrified that they would lose people and power to republicans, and especially to the Bolshevists.

Therefore they were looking for and supporting political parties that were against democracy and strongly opposite of left. The Nazis fulfilled that purpose.

The Nazis were also very clever in playing with the sentiments of the church leaders, and the Nazi program was endorsed by the churches, despite their propaganda, before the Nazis were in power and continued to do so while they were in power.

It is perhaps then not so remarkable, that the two opposing churches were so much in cooperation in all of this and during the whole Nazi Holocaust as indeed they had been since the Reformation.

There only remains one question to be answered: Did the National Socialists originate from the church or was it an independent movement that was embraced by them?

Let us look at some of the evidence in these pages.

Active Church Participation

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Roman Catholic Participation

The Papacy

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