Concentration Camp List


by Chuck Ferree (Holocaust Witness and Liberator)

The Holocaust catastrophe during the years 1933 to 1945 was a massive occurrence. It began in Germany and ultimately engulfed an area encompassing most of the European continent. It was also an event that was experienced by a variety of perpetrators, a multitude of victims and a host of bystanders. These three groups were distinct from one another, and they did not dissolve in their lifetime. Each saw what happened from its own, special perspective, and each harbored a separate set of attitudes and reactions. The first and foremost perpetrator was Adolf Hitler himself. He was the supreme architect of the operation; without him it would have been inconceivable. Unlike the perpetrators, the victims were perpetually exposed. They were identifiable and countable at every turn. Jews and non-Jews alike, the victims as a whole, however, have remained an amorphous mass. Millions of them suffered a common fate in front of pre-dug mass graves or in hermetically sealed gas chambers. Although the Holocaust is perceived by many to record the suffering of people of the Jewish Faith, no records on any aspect of the Second World War can fail to record that in addition to the six million Jewish men, women and children who were murdered at least an equal number of non-Jews was also killed, not in the heat of battle, not by military siege, aerial bombardment or the harsh conditions of modern war, but by deliberate, planned murder. The Nazi plan displaced millions of families from all over Europe. Through their massive concentration camp system, with well over one thousand camps of various sizes, all designed to imprison innocent humans, considered subhuman by Nazi standards. Every human right was replaced by Nazi laws, rules and arbitrary decisions. Almost every major German city had at least a slave labor camp nearby. The inmates of these camps were forced under the pain of death to work for the German war effort, with no pay, inadequate food and other necessities to survive. Death camps, constructed for the sole purpose of mass executions by means of poison gas, shootings, starvation, disease, and torture were used by the Nazis to exterminate those fellow humans, men, women children and infants, by design. There are those among us, who say the Holocaust didn't happen at all. Or maybe a few people were killed, but not millions. Historical facts have proven time and time again, that Nazi Germany, planned and implemented their plan to rid Europe of those whom they considered subhuman. Accurate numbers for exactly how many humans died as a result of the Nazi plans are simply not available and never will be. Research by some of the worlds most able historians place the number of Holocaust victims murdered by government policy to be not less than twelve million and probably more.

* Sources Raul Hilberg: Perpetrators Victims Bystanders: The Jewish Catastrophe 1933-1945.
* Martin Gilbert: Atlas Of The Holocaust.

Chuck Ferree

This report by Chuck Ferree has now been shown to have been a gross understatement of the horror of the Nazi system. The power of the Nazis lay in the camp system itself. There were in fact some 15,000 odd camps. The exact number will never be known. We are working now from the known 10007 camps onwards though the other categories documenting what we can document. The camps were used to contribute to the Nazi system of wealth and humans were used as a source of revenue from their clothes to their teeth and glasses and on into the bank systems and confiscation of property and misuse. This is to be especially noted in Switzerland where the crime was covered up apparently even by the Swiss Red Cross itself with the knowledge of the US government.

Concentration Camp List


  • Mauthausen (49 sub-camps and external kommandos)
      • Aflenz
    • Redl-Zipf (code name Schlier)
    • Amstetten (two camps: one for male and one for female inmates)
    • Bachmanning
    • Bretstein
    • Dippoldsau
    • Ebensee
    • Ebelsberg (subcommando of Linz III)
    • Eisenerz
    • Enns
    • Florisdorf (=Wien-Florisdorf and Wien-Jedlesee)
    • Grein
    • Grossramming
    • Gunskirchen
    • Gusen I, II (St. Georgen), III (Lungitz)
    • (Hartheim) not a sub-camp of Mauthausen, but many inmates of Mauthausen and Dachau had been gassed in Hartheim.
    • Hinterbrühl
    • Hirtenberg
    • Klagenfurt
    • Kleinmünchen (subcommando of Linz III)
    • Leibnitz
    • Lind
    • Lenzing
    • Linz I, II, III
    • Loibl- Pass Nord
    • Loibl- Pass Süd (ex-Yugoslavia)
    • Melk
    • Mittersill
    • Passau I - Waldwerke
    • Passau II
    • Peggau
    • St. Agyd
    • St. Lambrecht
    • St. Valentin
    • Steyr
    • Ternberg
    • Vöcklabrück=Wagrain
    • Wels
    • Wien Afa- Werke
    • Wien Saurer-Werke
    • Wien-Schwechat
    • Wien Schönbrunn
    • Wiener Neudorf
    • Wiener Neustadt




  • Theresienstadt (9 sub-camps)
    • Bohusovice
    • Kopisti
    • Litomerice-Radobylberg
    • Litomerice
    • Lovosice (Sputh factory and an oil factory)
    • Nestemice
    • Terezin (Plavy mill)
    • Usti (Schicht factory)
    • Zalhostice


  • Vivara


  • Kangasjarvi
  • Koveri


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